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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of some frequently asked questions from students with disabilities interested in pursuing post-secondary education. The FAQ presents short questions, followed by informative responses that will help youth in transition deal with these issues. This section was adapted from an FAQ developed by NEADS and featured on the CanLearn web site.

  1. Can the guidance counsellor at my high school help me choose a college or university that will accommodate my disability and still have the quality of programs in the field I wish to pursue?
  2. How can I, as a first year university student with a disability, learn to be an effective self-advocate with professors, tutors and other students at my school?
  3. What are my rights to post-secondary education as a person with a disability?
  4. Where can I find information about financial assistance to support my post-secondary studies?
  5. Where can students with learning disabilities receive funding to help cover the cost of disability assessments?
  6. Will going to school outside my province or territory limit my ability to access funding?
  7. What funding can I get from the Canada Student Loans Program?
  8. How do I find out if a group of students with disabilities exists on my campus?
  9. Which federal government office can I contact to obtain information on programs and services for disabled persons?
  10. Is there a national general post-secondary students association? Does it do any disability-related advocacy work?
  11. Is there a national group that represents students with disabilities?
  12. Is there an organization that represents all Canadians with disabilities?
  13. How do I find out which colleges or universities have good physical access to classrooms and other facilities?
  14. How do I make arrangements for books in Braille, on tape or diskette?
  15. Is there funding available to pay for material production in alternate formats?
  16. Where can I go to locate textbooks in alternate formats?
  17. What accommodations are usually in place for students with disabilities attending college and university?
  18. Is there appropriate access to medical attention if I am in need throughout the school year?
  19. Will there be any fees that come with the use of special services at the post-secondary level?